RECOM is currently launching a REDIIN series of DIN-rail AC/DC power supplies at 90V to 264V input ranges and 120W, 240W, and 480W power ratings onto the market in addition to the company’s existing range of DIN-rail DC/DC converters. These products include innovative RECOM design technologies achieving efficiency ratings of up to 93.5%. The devices are available in standard DIN-rail format at a width of 30mm, 40mm or 56mm for the 120W, 240W and 480W versions; all devices measure 123.4mm in depth by 123.6mm in height. The REDIIN 240W and 480W versions are equipped with individual outputs of 24V and 48VDC, and the 120W versions also include a 12VDC output. Output voltage is adjustable from the front panel.